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Our journey, which started as a Dental Laboratory in 1980, has continued with the addition of clinical experience. Subsequently, it turned into a separate initiative and these processes It gave birth to Chemdant

The academic qualifications of our founders, our cooperation with R&D Centers, our global-scale industrial production experience in the Chemical sector, and our roots in the Dental Industry go back a long way; It enabled our gaze to be on the vast horizons while our feet were firmly on the ground.

It carries out its activities for Dental Professionals in our 2000 m² production facility established in Istanbul Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone.

In this context, our company, in line with the needs of Dentists and Dental Technicians; It carries out its activities with the identity of "quality producer" and "quality supplier".

  • Academic Qualification
  • Continuous R&D and Product Development Studies
  • High Quality and Technology